Grafted Japanese Maple Trees You Won't
Find In Your Local Garden Center

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Yezo nishiki Seed

This new season FRESH seed is guaranteed to germinate when you use our simple, foolproof method of germinating Japanese maple seeds.

Seed is pre-stratified and some seed is already germinating!

Seeds are from Japanese maple 'Yezo nishiki'. Just like with our children - offspring are expected be similar to, but not identical to the parent.

These seeds are the same ones we sow in our nursery for seedling production. Seeds are 99% pure and 77% Cut Test germination result. Order with confidence.

Price includes Shipping and Handling in the USA. Use drop down menu for international shipping. Minimum 15 seeds per packet.

Seed is fresh new season seed. 99% pure seed and 77% cut test germination potential. Yezo nishiski seed is rarely available and we only have about 10 ounces of seed.

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