Grafted Japanese Maple Trees You Won't
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Shirasawanum "Aureum" Seedlings
$ 16.97
Seedlings from Acer Shirasawanum "Aureum. Parent tree is a slow growing maple reaching an ultimate height of 30 feet. In Japan it is a much loved tree. It has beautiful yellow-green foliage with attractive fall leaves and prominent red flowers and seeds makes this a stunning tree for the landscape. It will take at least ten years for it to reach six feet tall, and it builds character as it ages. Light or dappled shade is best for this maple as afternoon sun will scorch its leaves and deep shade will turn the leaves too green. Plant tree in area protected from cold or strong winds as exposure can cause leaves to turn brown. Seedlings are expected to have similar characteristics to the parent but cannot be guaranteed. These seedling trees can only be described as "seedlings from Acer shirasawanum "Aureum" and not the original tree name itself. Price includes S&H by USPS Priority Mail.

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