Grafted Japanese Maple Trees You Won't
Find In Your Local Garden Center

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Fresh, New Season Japanese Maple Tree Seed!

Seed is generally available from November through March. From April to October please contact us BEFORE ordering seeds to ensure we have the items you want.

All our seed is refrigerated to maintain quality, freshness and viability.

Please check back from time to time as our inventory changes often.

Seed varieties and quantities available are variable because of annual harvest changes, and our inventory changes week by week.

Order with confidence. This is the same seed for our own nursery production.

Ogon sarasa Japanese maple Seed Fresh Seed from 'Yezo nishiki' Japanese maple cultivar
Fresh new season seed from Japanese maple Acer palmatum 'Yezo nishiki'.
Osakazuki Seed FRESH Seed from Red Pygmy
Rarely offered and in LIMITED quantity. This is a linearlobum cultivar thin finger-like leaves. 71% pure seed and 98% cut germination test result.
Emperor 1 seeds Fresh Seed
Seed from Yezo nishiki red leaf Japanese maple cultivar, fresh new season seed.
Current Seed Availability
We have one of the widest selections of FRESH Japanese maple seeds available each season.

New season fresh seed is expected in Mid to late October and is usually available through April each year.

Some dry seed may be available year round.
Yezo nishiki Seed
Red Pygmy Seed