Grafted Japanese Maple Trees You Won't
Find In Your Local Garden Center

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Winter Pruning
December, January and February are ideal months to do winter pruning. Here you can see the typical grey-white dead branches that maples produce.

With the leaves all gone it is easy to see these dead twigs and prune them out.

Pictures of some of our other hard to find Japanese maples that are available in limited quantities.
Kamagata Grafted Tree
Delicate dwarf maple that is very durable and hardy. Tolerates winters of -18C!

Spring color shows strong red to rusty-red tints. Fall colors are brilliant yellows and oranges. Only reaches 3 feet high in 6-8 years.
$30.00 including S&H.

Aratama Grafted Tree
Highly desirable red dwarf shrub. Foliage varies from a brick red to a light purple red. Very showy!

Strong green undertone often males a striking contrast on the midrib and veins. Only reaches 6 feet tall in around 10 years.

Name means "uncut gem". Very desirable in landscape setting and takes full sun well.
$43.00 including S&H.

Shigurezono Japanese maple
Shigure zono Grafted Tree
This little known cultivar has been around in Japan since the 1700s! Has a bright purplish-red leaf in Spring with good red fall color. Reaches up to 12 feet tall when mature.
$35.00 including S&H.

Beni otake
Beni otake Grafted Tree
One of the attractive linearilobum types with upright growth habit. Vigorous with purple-red leaves. It's name means "red bamboo". Can reach 25 feet on maturity
$30.00 including S&H.

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