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Businessman, Scientist, and Avid Japanese Maple Tree Grower Gives You the Secrets to His Growing Success With FREE Japanese Maple Tree Nursery Report

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My name is Ken Alston. As a businessman and scientist, I have a Bachelor's degree in applied chemistry and a master's in business. I run a leading consulting company and have other successful business ventures as well.  

But my true passion is growing Japanese maple trees.

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I planted my first Japanese maple tree 25 years ago. It was my first house back in the United Kingdom. I had a brand new mortgage¦ and a yard that left a lot to be desired!

I wandered through the garden center to find the cure. It was there I came across the weeping Japanese maple tree that stole my heart. The price tag was hefty – $50 was a lot for me back then! But looking at beautiful, delicate leaf forms, the color, the tree, even the structure of the branches… I was a goner.

When I planted that tree in the yard, I was struck by how it added so much architectural form and structure to the landscape. I have been hooked ever since.

I began to study the Japanese maple tree. And buy and plant as many as my wallet would allow!

The seemingly infinite diversity of the Japanese maple trees was fascinating. With over 400 named varieties, there is one for almost every yard, garden, or patio.

The trees come in an astounding array of sizes – from a dwarf tree less than 2 feet in height to a king-sized tree standing over 30 feet tall. The leaf colors can be red, green, and even variegated – and the distinctively shaped leaves vary from large to small to cut-leaf or laceleaf.

Through research, trial, and (yes some) error, I learned how to plant and raise them all.

In the last quarter century, I have devoted my time to learning as much as possible about these enchanting trees, mainly through trial and error in my own garden and nursery.

Now I have a growing collection of Japanese maple trees worth tens of thousands of dollars. I also sell these hard-to-find trees through my online store.

My hobby has literally grown into another profession! At my family-owned nursery in Virginia, I am “Chief Plant-aholic.” And I started the online store to help other Japanese maple tree enthusiasts find the seeds, seedlings, and grafted trees they won’t find in their local garden center. This also allows me to follow my passion for growing Japanese maple trees!

Through my years of experience, I have learned so many "secrets" and techniques for growing Japanese maple trees.

Now I reveal some of these foolproof methods to you. In my FREE Japanese maple tree nursery report, you’ll learn the little-known secrets for successfully for germinating Japanese maple tree seeds. 

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