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Green Leaf Seedlings

Green Leaf Seedlings Listing of Available Green Leaf Seedlings

We usually have the generic 'Acer palmatum' green leaf form as well as several seedlings germinated from seed of known 'named' cultivars.

Named cultivar seedlings are grown in professional grow tubes as used by the Forestry Service.

See list below for details:

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Acer Palmatum Seedlings from "Matsumurae" Seed
Seedlings from Japanese Maple "Matsumurae" seed
$ 11.97
Green Leaf Seedlings
Acer palmatum (green) Seedlings
$ 16.97
Shirasawanum "Aureum" Seedlings
Seedlings from Acer Shirasawanum "Aureum
$ 16.97
Trident Maple Seedlings
Acer buergerianum (Trident Maple) Seedlings
$ 15.97
Koto no ito seedlings
Koto no ito Japanese maple seedlings
$ 15.95
Osakazuki Seedlings
Seedlings from Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki' Seed
$ 14.97