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Grafted Japanese Maple Trees

Our grafted Japanese maple trees are shipped in Spring through Fall each year after we have chance to make sure the newly grafted trees have taken successfully. Latest stock information will be available on the page for each specific cultivar. Note: We reserve the right to hold some shipments during the hottest period of Summer weather to make sure you get a healthy thriving Japanese maple tree.

Acer palamtum dissectum atropurpureum <p> Crimson Queen Weeping Japanese maple tree 'Crimson Queen'
Grafted Japanese maple trees. This is the red cut leaf or weeping Japanese maple tree "Crimson Queen". A well-known and trusted Japanese maple tree.
Orido Nishiki Oridono nishiki - Variegated Grafted Japanese maple tree
Wonderful leaf colors in this highly sought after variegated Japanese maple tree.
Chishio Improved "Chishio Improved "- Grafted Japanese Maple Tree

From the "unusual feature" group as described by Vertrees. 'Chishio Improved' is a small-leafed, multi-branched shrub-like Japanese maple tree. Grows up to 6 - 10 feet high. Spring color is bright crimson turning to green in Summer. Adapts well to patio container and bonsai use.

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