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Rick Childs,
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Named Japanese Maple Trees

Hard-To-Find Japanese Maple Grafted Trees
At Low, Direct From Grower Prices

Graft Union

Grafted Trees

Japanese maple trees are grafted in nurseries as a form of vegetative reproduction.

This is a way of cloning an identical tree. By using 'carpentry' we carefully insert a branch (also known as a scion) of a named variety we want to propagate into an actively growing Japanese maple tree (rootstock). We normally use a standard green leaf tree for rootstock.

In the picture you can see the union between the scion and the rootstock as they have grown together.

Newly grafted trees may range from 9" tall up to 20" tall depending on where we make the graft. Trees also vary in height depending on whether the tree is a dwarf, intermediate or full sized variety and how old it is.

Each year we grow on hundreds of new grafted trees.

There are literally several hundred different named cultivars (varieties) of named Japanese maple trees. Here's a picture of one of our most popular variegated trees - Oridono nishiki.

Oridono nishiki

We have grafted trees in red, green and variegated leaf forms. We also have both regular leaf and dissected or laceleaf varieties.

Note: Popular varieties often sell out each season. Order early to avoid disappointment.

If you already know which leaf color and leaf type of grafted tree you want click on image below for available plants:

Grafted Green Leaf Dissectum Grafted Red Leaf Dissectum Grafted Red Leaf Grafted Green Leaf Grafted Variegated Leaf
Green Laceleaf Grafted Red Laceleaf Grafted Red Leaf Grafted Green Leaf Grafted Variegated Grafted

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