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Glowing Embers Grafted
'Glowing Embers' is an outstanding Japanese maple that won the state of Georgia’s Gold Medal in 2005. <p>It has a vigorous growth rate, brilliant fall color and is adaptable to a range of landscape conditions. 'Glowing Embers' provides a kaleidoscope of colors in fall as the leaves fade from green to purple, fluorescent orange or yellow, much like the ever-changing and mesmerizing embers of a wood fire.<p> Individual branches may display four distinctly different colors at the same time. ‘Glowing Embers’ is beautiful all year with its bright green leaf color which turns different shades in the summer and fall. Glowing Embers' thrives in full sun and it tolerates drought better than most trees in its class. <p>'Glowing Embers' is a medium-size deciduous tree, growing just over 30 feet high and wide. Leaves are fine-toothed, 2 to 3 inches long and about 3 inches wide, with five distinct, pointed lobes. <p>The tree has a dense canopy when it's in full leaf. An excellent shade tree for residential landscapes where space is limited. 'Glowing Embers' Japanese maple is quickly becoming a highly demanded and popular plant. <p>Trees are LARGE 5 feet tall and price includes Shipping and Handling via USPS Priority Mail.

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