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We Are A Family Owned And Operated Nursery in Earlysville, Central Virginia.

Hi, Ken Alston - Chief Plant-aholic at Japanese-maple.com here!

As a transplanted Brit I feel like gardening is in my blood. For the
longest time I've been a keen gardener and maple enthusiast.

Back in the UK I grew Japanese maples and bonsai trees purely
as a hobby.

I first started selling Japanese maple trees online because as a
retail plant buyer I was VERY frustrated at two things:

  • The high price of garden center trees and
  • The limited selection available at garden centers.

Now, every day we aim to live up to our reputation for quality,
selection and good prices. Our valued customer testimonials reflect
our dedication to providing you with a great Japanese maple tree

We moved to central Virginia after 8 years in the mid-west. We were
able to grow maples there - but the winters finally got too much for
our British temperament and so we moved South and East for a warmer

Alston Family & Anna

Here I am with my wife Susan, daughters Helen and Lyndsey, not forgetting Anna the 7-year old Golden retriever!

<=== This was taken in Winter 2002/03 during one of our heavier snowfalls!

As you might guess from the Santa hats this picture was originally taken for our family Christmas card image!

We came to the US from England in 1992. Helen (second from right) was just 18 months old and Lyndsey (far right) is our American daughter born in 1993.

And here I am (below) by one of our shade houses with ever faithful Anna watching me as I pose for the camera with a couple of grafted trees!

We thank you for visiting and hope you become as passionate as we are for this wonderful group of Japanese maple trees.

Long may they grace your life as they do ours...

Ken Alston

Ken With Trees

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