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Superthrive 1oz
Superthrive is the most recommended "50 in 1" instant, ''bio-usable'' vitamins and hormones complex. Superthrive is the #1 acitvator, reviver and transplanter for indoor plants, outdoor plants, bare rooted plants, seeds, seedlings, trees, bulbs and even lawns.

Used for over 60 years and recommended by dozens of books, magazines, conferences, newspapers, TV and radio shows and even 5 US Government Deprtments! Superthrive is not a fertilizer - you add Superthrive to your existing plant food to boost your plants and add vigor to their growth. Superthrive is super-concentrated -use only 1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water!

I''ve used this to revive new Japanese maple seedlings that were accidentally frosted overnight! I also use it routinely to kick start growth on newly grafted trees and newly germinated seedlings.

Note: This product is mailed FREE when added to any plant order.

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